Kaiser Permanente adds 90,000 insureds to health plan

Details in the new health care law (aka Obamacare) meant to add people to insurance rolls appear to be working for Kaiser Permanente who added 90,000 insureds to their membership.  In the Affordable Care Act, young adults who are not full-time students can remain on their parents’ insurance plans until they are 26.

Adding young people to the number of insured customers is a big benefit to everyone else, because young people do not get sick as often or for as long a period as older customers. So insurance companies made record profits. Insurance regulators could use those record profits to deny rate hikes.

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  1. wayne c reynolds says:

    I have long had Kaiser P. coverage and it started out fine. It is, however, becoming increasingly centralized, distanced from the customer and bureaurcratic. Such is after all, the organic progression of all socialistic programs so no surprise here.

    I am keenly disappointed to see KP jump on the Obamacare band wagon, a vehicle I’m sure is headed straight to disaster. Obamacare is not only pure socialism, it is unconstitutional. Has anyone there at the Corporate level even read the US Constitution ? I’ll wager that the President of KP has not.

    Wayne C. Reynolds

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