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One man’s experience with Kaiser.   I have been a member of Kaiser for several years, so I decided to share my experiences (mostly good) and (some) bad about the company.  When many people whine about the company, they are really complaining about a specific Doctor.  It’s just that the Dr. happens to work for Kaiser.  Sometimes young, sometime foreign.  There around truth in some stereotypes, or they would not continue to be around, right?

Also some Doctors at Kaiser have less than a great bedside manner.  You get 15 minutes, they go over your condition and that’s it.  If you want to complain about some other health issue, many will urge you to make an appointment or refer you to a specialist.  That’s not rudeness, it’s efficient! If the Doctors took an hour per patient, premiums would go up 400%! Instead of complaining about the care, people would riot because of the price.  So there will be complaints, many legit.  But compare the size of Kaiser to the complaints.  There were only 7 complaints on the BBB for the San Diego Kaiser on Mt. Zion.

Legal law stuff: I am unauthorized and unsponsored by Kaiser Permanente.  I do not represent Kaiser or have client info or policy data.  Did I mention I am not in any way affiliated or connected to Kaiser?

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  1. You have created a “straw man” extreme hypothetical argument. Kaiser is advertising for a Managing Director of Investments to oversee its $40 billion stash, the profits of which are not taxed.

    Kaiser Permanente’s Non-Profit Scam

    The Kaiser Foundation Health Plan contracts with the for-profit Permanente Medical Groups to provide all medical care to patients, who are Kaiser members. Because Kaiser funnels all members to “a for-profit” doctor partnership, Kaiser Permanente is a for-profit medical care provider just like other health plans. Original investigations are posted on YouTube and HMO Hardball.

    Robert Finney PhD

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